1.Wounds bruises and cats heal fast if are treated with castor oil.
2.Massaging the belly with castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy prevents stretch marks.
3.Injured wrists are healed rapidly if they are wrapped in castor oil and left overnight.
4.It was noted that there is significant reduction in hearing loss by dripping castor oil in the ear.
5.It can effectively remove warts after four-week application.
6.It removes calcium deposits on the sole by having regular daily massages.
7.Castor oil and baking soda combination have proved effective in treating skin cancer.
8.It prevents snoring after a two-week application.
9.It relieves pain and itching from insect bites, including bee stings.
10.It can also speed up the healing of hepatitis.
11.If you want to alleviate chronic diarrhea apply castor oil and cover the area of the stomach.
12.It eliminates nail fungus when used as a coating on the affected areas every day.
13.It alleviates recovery from alcoholism.
14.If want to relieve the pain in the lower back, you just need to apply castor oil one a week.
15.If you have serious ocular allergies, you can alleviate them by rubbing castor oil on the eyelids before sleeping.
16.If you have problems with pilonidal cysts, just apply castor oil and they will disappear completely.
17.With a daily usage of linings on the neck for three months nodules on the vocal cords and chronic hoarseness can be removed.
18.You can cure cataract by dripping one drop of castor oil in your eye every night before sleeping.
19.It’s beneficial for treatment of melanoma when applied topically on regular basis.
20.It improves health in the terminal phase of cancer.
21.Massage your head with castor oil 20 minutes before shampooing and you will boost your hair growth.
22.It completely eradicates tinnitus when taken orally at a dosage of 6-8 drops a day for a month.
23.Apply castor oil in the stomach area in you have problems with hyperactivity, it will be treated successfully.
24.It treats allergies successfully when taken at a dosage of five drops each morning.
25.You can bleach brown spots with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.

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