Small Kitchens – It’s All About Having Big Ideas

Small Kitchens – It’s All About Having Big IdeasYou know how even the tiniest of pooch is full of personality and character; small in stature but with all the front of a canine three or four times its size, then you then you might be interested to know that the very same philosophy can be applied to kitchen design. Just because your kitchen... Read More »

How to Fix a Leaky Roof

How to Fix a Leaky RoofIf you’ve ever owned a house, chances are at some point you’ve had to deal with a leaky roof. Having water start dripping into your home is both stressful and alarming. And you can almost always bet it won’t be cheap to have a professional roofer come out to repair the leak. In Ohio, we’ve... Read More »

8 Great Backyard Movie Tips

8 Great Backyard Movie TipsSummer evenings are my favorite. I am always looking for a good excuse to be outside when the sun goes down—s’mores, stargazing, or of course, the quintessential backyard movie night. As the wife of a film fanatic and former Circuit City salesman (I used to visit Brent at work in college and admire him in... Read More »

Build Your Own Solar Greenhouse

Build Your Own Solar GreenhouseIf you want year-round gardening opportunities and a pleasant living space to enjoy in all four seasons while keeping your energy bills low, consider building a solar-heated greenhouse that is attached to your home. Greenhouse. Solarium. Hothouse. Conservatory. Whatever your term, we’re talking about that cozy spot for your cherished plants. Greenhouses are an element... Read More »

The Top Ten Things To Have In Your Shelter

The Top Ten Things To Have In Your ShelterSecurity shelters/ bunkers are not used as they once were in the cold war era. There was a time when deep underground bunkers were prepared for long term hibernation. The thinking at the time was that thousand of nuclear war heads would be unleashed by both the US and the USSR causing wide spread destruction... Read More »

Backyard Liberty Review

Backyard Liberty ReviewI didn’t have the chance to update this blog for a while now. But my reason for this is a good one: I’ve been starting to use the Backyard Liberty aquaponics system and I dedicated my full time to reading and taking care of it and now I can tell you the conclusions I got... Read More »

Homemade and Improvised Weapons

Homemade and Improvised WeaponsThe recent events in the Ukraine were surprising on one level and some of the uprising has even been forgotten I think with the even more recent news of the Russian’s annexing Crimea. One of the more interesting aspects to me of this historical event were the protests and how civilians, armed mostly with homemade... Read More »

Home Security Solutions – Tips To Make You Safer At Home

Home Security Solutions – Tips To Make You Safer At HomeIf you’ve ever wondered what to do about home security, then you are in the right place. You have to know all the options available in order to make a good decision. Otherwise, you could end up with a system that does not accommodate your home and your family. If you’ve recently bought a home,... Read More »

7 Places to Find Water in the Wild

7 Places to Find Water in the WildAlmost any environment has water present to some degree. Note: If you do not have a canteen, cup, can or other type of container, improvise one from plastic or water-resistant cloth. Shape the plastic or cloth into a bowl by pleating it. Use pins or other suitable items — even your hands — to hold... Read More »

Controlling Humidity Can Save Your Energy Dollars

Controlling Humidity Can Save Your Energy DollarsHumidity has a dramatic effect on apparent temperature.  Controlling humidity in your home can make it feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Humidity control will increase your energy efficiency and result in a utility bill savings that will help you with your green living goals.  With a little understanding, monitoring and... Read More »

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